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Angie Rogers' Handmade Bears creates heirloom teddy bears from recycled furs and mohair.
Above: This bear was made from a recycled mink fur coat.
Above: Another example of a bear made from a customers mink fur coat.
Above: These two German mohair bears, Brownie and Albert make great friends!

I started my business of making teddy bears in 1995. However, I actually started making my own original teddy bears at the early age of 8! The teddy bear world is a happy place, full of endless possibilities, smiles, hugs, and fond memories. Well, who wouldn't want to make teddy bears every day?
It's a great feeling to create bears that I know are loved and appreciated. I've really enjoyed working with customers fur coats, some that have been passed on for generations in a family, sentimental clothing from loved ones, even special blankets have found new lives as teddy bears.
I'm greatful to be able to do a craft that makes my customers happy, as well as myself. Every year I look forward to seeing people at the Cumberland Craft Show and seeing their reactions to my work. The annual event is always full of inspiration, a great fuel for creativity! Hope to see you there!

If you would like more information about the sizes of teddy bears, and the cost to turn your own fur into heirloom bears, please send me a request at Angie Rogers' Handmade Bears, P.O. Box 185, Gray, ME 04039. Note: I do not have e-mail. Today is Nov. 12th, and I am currently taking orders to be made in the month of February. I begin Christmas orders in late August once the Cumberland Craft Fair is done.

  • Call us 207-428-4169

Find Our Products At:

  • Angie Rogers' Handmade Bears P.O. Box 185 Gray, Maine 04039 phone & fax (207) 428-4169


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